The Solutions Project

Significant increase in engagement from improvements to website user experience, content, and design.

We’ve worked with The Solutions Project since 2015 helping them maintain an engaging and effective web presence worth their investment. Most recently they had recently completed a major rebranding and needed their website to reflect the new direction and new audiences, clearly convey what they do, and show their impact. We did a full redesign, the 2020 digital impact report, and expanded our monthly support services. We’ve also provided content creation services including video editing and copywriting.


  • Accessibility
  • Analytics
  • Content Creation
  • Content Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Wordpress


  • Custom, interactive maps
  • Digital impact reports
  • Modular way to build customized pages
Image of the website home page on a large monitor. A happy person is accepting solar panels from two other people wearing matching logo t-shirts from a local nonprofit.


Image of an interactive map of the United States, with clickable areas, and filtering options.

Interactive Grantee Map

People can learn more about The Solutions Project's grantees. See grantees by year, click in to learn more about each one, and understand the overall scope of grantmaking.

Grantee Map
All roads lead to climate justice

2020 Digital Impact Report

Wire Media provided the content, copywriting, design, and development.

2020 Impact Report
woman smiling

2019 Digital Impact Report

Section of the 2019 digital impact report. Wire Media provided the content, copywriting, design, and development.

2019 Digital Impact Report
Image of customized world map showing the names of al the countries.

Clean Energy Maps

Click on any country, any state in the United States, or a selection of cities around the world to see what 100% clean energy could look like there in the year 2050.

Global Clean Energy Vision
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About The Solutions Project

The Solutions Project provides grants, builds media capacity, and leverages pop culture to move the needle on climate change actions in communities and legislation.

There is already just a significant improvement in terms of email signups and donations and web traffic. The final thing is just anecdotally because everyone is now asking us who did our website and giving us great feedback about the quality of the website and this experience from a design perspective, architecture, and user experience.

Sarah Shanley Hope

VP of Brand & Partnerships