Unicorns are everywhere these days! You’ve probably seen an abundance of unicorn drawings and various unicorn merchandise, yet few have channeled the true power of this creature.

Unicorns don coats of white and are often synonymous with mystery, hope, freedom, and magic. Perhaps less known is the fact that unicorns originate from early Mesopotamian works and have even been around for thousands of years, proving the timelessness of these beautiful creatures.

Unicorns are also a cultural symbol of fortune, but why depend on chance when you’ve got the aspect of the unicorn right at your fingertips?

An Enchanted Gift

We at Wire Media, have come up with a delightful little treat for you. You guessed it–our very own Magical Unicorn Spellbook!

It is easy-to-use and we encourage you to share it with others who need some magic in their lives. All you need to do is flip through the spellbook to find the spell you want to cast, think of (and believe in) what you want to happen, and say the magical words out loud while waving your wand–or index finger if you find yourself ill-equipped–in the motion shown. To give your spell more power, post the spell you chose to social media. And voila! Your heartfelt desires will materialize right before your very eyes, through the sheer legendary incantation of the unicorn.

Find Your Magic

At Wire Media, we are all about effective visual storytelling, and that pretty much means making magic. Unicorns are courageous beings with the natural gift of attracting positive attention–whether they’re frolicking in the woods, posing by a ravine, or simply sipping from a stream.

We want readers to feel marvelous and confident, just like the mythical unicorn. Our spellbook is filled to the brim with powerful mantras that will fulfill your deepest wishes.

Seeking to be heard by the right people? There’s a spell for that. Feeling famished and undecided on your next meal? Poof, here’s some hummus. Dreaming about the perfect party to celebrate a win? Look, it’s showering confetti!

Share this Magic with Others

Take this splendiferous opportunity to spread some magic over the atmosphere. Share the unicorn spell book through social media with friends, colleagues, relatives, family, your neighbor, or anybody who can benefit from a slice of positive sorcery in their lives.

Download your Magical Unicorn Spellbook today to start adding magic to your life!