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Did you realize that online donations to nonprofit organizations increase about 13 percent each year? For most organizations, finding a way to attract a large number of donors is one of their main focuses. Having an appealing and easy to navigate nonprofit website is a great way to garner more attention and increase the donations you get. When having the new site designed, be sure to include some of the following elements.

As we’ve discussed in recent posts, choosing an agency for your website redesign and branding efforts can help you save time, money and prove great ROI over time. However, not all nonprofit organizations have the budget to hire a professional. In these cases, many opt to go the DIY route. Here’s a few things tips to help you make the most of your DIY website redesign:  

Your website is the foundation of your online marketing efforts and often the first impression someone will have about your organization. Once you’ve made the leap and invested in a website redesign, it’s time to begin calculating the return on your investment. When measuring your website’s ROI, organizations must look at costs and the results. Because nonprofit websites typically aren’t focused on sales, there often is no cut and dry method for measuring ROI. However there are many different ways to track your success and determine whether your goals are being met. Here’s a few ways to help you get started: