Women’s World Banking

Persuading traditional financial institutions to support women and micro-business globally


  • Digital impact report microsite
  • Freestanding exhibit booth design
  • Series of printed brochures
  • Explainer video
  • Copywriting, design, development, and production of all items

The Story

Women’s World Banking is a global nonprofit that works to improve women’s financial opportunities. They work with financial institutions, teaching them how to provide financial instruments and products that support women and women-owned micro-businesses worldwide.

Our History

Women’s World Banking worked with Wire Media for two years to produce a series of marketing and promotional materials across a range of media types (print, digital, environmental, and video).

The Challenge

Women’s World Banking wanted a visual storytelling impact report that showcased their work over the previous year. They also needed an exhibit booth design for the annual summit they host to bring lenders and financial institutions together for learning and networking. The goals included effectively communicating their impact, making financial leaders understand the women and microbusiness market, and helping them understand how to get involved in it for the benefit of women. They needed help in conceptualizing how to tell their story in a compelling way, and in writing and designing it.

frames from the video

I appreciated how they provided constructive criticism rather than just enabling us.

— Specialist
People interacting with exhibit booth text panels, video, and touchscreen

The Way Forward

Working with Wire Media, they developed a solid plan and ways to communicate to their audience that included:

  • Easy-to-understand visual communications
  • A built-to-last, freestanding exhibit booth that could travel
  • Concise text that explains their products and benefits to both financial organizations and women
  • Video script that engages and explains

The result was that they were now armed with a suite of multimedia tools that could be repurposed and reused in various locations to help them grow participation from financial institutions that didn’t typically focus on women or microbusiness as a market strategy.

The End Results

  • Beautiful, polished materials to share: Professional design lends credibility when they speak with traditional financial institutions.
  • Reusable, portable exhibit booth: The exhibit booth was designed to pack down into containers for portability. It’s easy to set up and take down and is built to last.
  • Clear messaging: The entire suite of marketing materials are clear and consistent in their messaging and design, lending credibility and making it possible to reach more people in more ways.