The Solutions Project

Visual storytelling to help bring 100% clean energy to local communities

2 Gold and 3 Silver Davey Awards for Website Design
Solutions Projects commits to supporting feminine and frontline leadership for 100% clean energy

About The Solutions Project

The Solutions Project brings a positive, hopeful vision to a world currently wracked by anxiety over climate change. They lift up and support efforts to bring clean energy to everyone, equitably, and to power a better world — free of reliance on fossil fuels.

Our History

The Solutions Project has worked with Wire Media since 2016 to provide website communications strategy. Work has included the redesign of both of their websites, writing and designing annual impact reports, keeping the websites up-to-date and functioning well, and using data to make smart decisions about content and features for the sites.

Wire Media delivers high-quality products consistently and repeatedly, which is just part of why I keep hiring them.

— Allison Cook, Comms Director

Our Work

The Challenge

The Solutions Project was in flux when they first hired us. They had two websites with unclear branding, and some duplicate content. And they didn’t have a solid strategy for managing website content or for tracking the usefulness of the sites.

They knew the two sites were confusing, and knew they had to fix that, but weren’t sure of the best way to make that happen. At the same time, they wanted to publish their first public impact report to provide information to funders about what they’ve been doing and about their successes.

The Way Forward

Following our evaluation of the two websites, gathering information in discovery, and presenting our findings, The Solutions Project had a plan:

  • One website would be the main organization site
  • The other website would house “stories from the frontlines” and be the base of their “100% campaign”
  • The impact report would be digital, and live on the main website using a visual storytelling approach to convey information

We whipped up an interim branding guide based on existing collateral to guide the look and feel of the two sites. Working with a limited budget, we created a prioritized plan for what content to focus on, and what features of the website were most critical towards their strategic goals.

We then provided content strategy, design, and development for the two websites and the digital impact report. We also provided full copywriting for the impact report to maximize its effectiveness in communicating complex ideas quickly through visual storytelling. 

The End Results

  • Easier to understand what they do: Clarifying the purpose and function of the two websites helped to clear up messaging issues they had.
  • Saved many hours of staff time: Redesigning the “maps” section of the main site included creating a way that staff could upload every one of the over 100 maps and related PDFs by simply uploading a spreadsheet in csv format. Previously, each map and PDF has to be edited manually.
  • Flexible content features allow rapid response site updates: By adding a component structure to the website, it’s now easier to add new features, create custom pages, stop and start pop-ups at the last minute, and other features.