The Solutions Project

Significant increase in engagement from improvements to website user experience, content, and design.

2 Gold and 3 Silver Davey Awards for Website Design
Monitor showing The Solutions Project homepage. Three people are happy about solar panels.
Solutions Projects commits to supporting feminine and frontline leadership for 100% clean energy

About The Solutions Project

The Solutions Project brings a positive, hopeful vision to a world wracked by anxiety over climate change. They support climate change-makers and innovators at the grassroots level. Support includes grant-making, media storytelling and leadership coaching, fostering partnerships and connections, and providing tools and resources.

Our History

Wire Media has partnered with The Solutions Project since 2016 to provide website strategy, content strategy and copywriting, and overall strategic guidance to help the website be of value and support their mission and goals. 

There is already just a significant improvement in terms of email signups and donations and web traffic.

— Sarah Shanley Hope, VP of Brand & Partnerships

Our Work


The Solutions Project first hired us in 2015 to create a digital impact report (or annual report). They had seen our other work in this area and thought we could do a good job for them. The main goal was to tell the story of how they were founded, why they believed that 100% clean energy was possible “right now”, and make a case for people to become donors.

They had a ton of data, images, and information to work with but it was scattered and not well-organized. (I mean, who has the time?!) So one of our first steps was to review all of their content and created a curated “selects” list of the best or most useful data, images/videos, and general information. This ultimately led to them purchasing a Digital Asset Management (DAM) service a few years later — making it much easier to keep track of all of the excellent content they produce.

We wrote and designed a visual storytelling style impact report. Since then we’ve created a few more impact reports, and completely redesigned the website with new branding, and so the original impact report was converted to a simpler format.

At the same time, we created a new 2019 impact report for them that uses the new branding, and a visual storytelling style to make its case to donors. These reports are instrumental in discussions with key donors and demonstrating the real world impact The Solutions Project has.


The Solutions Project originally had two websites with unclear branding, and some duplicate content. They didn’t have a solid strategy for managing website content or for tracking the usefulness of the sites. They knew the two sites were confusing, and knew they had to fix that, but weren’t sure of the best way to make that happen. 

The Plan

Following our evaluation of the two websites, gathering information in discovery, and presenting our findings, The Solutions Project had a plan:

  • One website would be the main organization site
  • The other website would house “stories from the frontlines” and be the home base for their “100% campaign”
  • We’d install Google Analytics to start evaluating user behavior

We whipped up an interim branding guide based on existing collateral to guide the look and feel of the two sites. Working with a limited budget, we created a prioritized plan for what content to focus on, and what features of the website were most critical towards their strategic goals. We then provided content strategy, design, and development for the two websites.

The Results

  • Easier to understand what they do
  • Saved many hours of staff time
  • Flexible content features allow rapid response site updates


In 2019/2020, The Solutions Project invested in a rebrand to align with the real changes they had taken the organization through. Moving from a focus on clean energy to all of climate change, centering people of color in leadership roles, and transforming their own internal composition meant the website had to be completely rebuilt from scratch — in every way.

We led the project by investing heavily in content strategy and figuring out the best ways to talk about who they are and what they do. User research and testing was very informative — helping us understand the right language and tone of voice to make a connection with the audience.

We talked to their team to understand who would manage the website and worked with them to build it in a way that would help them spend less time on site updates and have more time for their core work. The site is built to be very flexible — we can roll out unique page layouts in minutes.

We worked with the brand identity provided by the branding team for the look and feel. And then adapted the new brand to the UX work we had done in creating wireframes for the page content and composition.

Ongoing Strategic Support

We work with The Solutions Project ongoing — providing direction and strategy around how the website can best support their overall communications strategy and mission. We run regular testing and monitoring if the site and user behavior. And provide recommendations for actions to take to improve the site — whether through content, design, or feature changes or additions. We’re also working on improving the site accessibility.