Stanford University,
Humanities & Science Department

Creating a smart content strategy for a flexible, branded website

Stanford Humanities & Sciences Department Website Home Page

The Story

Stanford University’s Humanities & Science (H&S) Department is the center of a world-class liberal arts education.

Our History

Wire Media won a competitive bidding process to work on this project and spent nearly a year working with H&S and the Drupal development shop we brought into the project, Advomatic.

The Challenge

Stanford’s H&S Department needed an upgraded website that would allow them to build custom page designs on the fly, to easily manage the website content, and that would also establish a unique brand identity for the department, while still remaining within the university’s larger brand. Further, the website had to meet level AA accessibility requirements.

The Way Forward

Wire Media led a strategic discovery and planning process that resulted in the Stanford team being able to:

  • Identify the right features and types of content for the site to meet audience requirements
  • Clearly prioritize the site features and content types to ensure we stayed within budget
  • Plan ahead for future content

Wire Media led the design process, developing a component-based design that allows for broad flexibility in building out individual page layouts, while also maintaining the brand look and feel. By implementing high priority items first we made sure the project stayed on budget and on schedule. The list of de-prioritized items also provides a roadmap for future development of the site.

The End Results

  • A world-class design that’s on brand: The new website reflects the department’s status as a world leader in liberal arts education.
  • Easy to create custom page layouts: A key requirement — staff can easily create custom page layouts by dragging and dropping various components into any order, and editing content as needed.
  • Longevity of the site: With a plan already in place now to continue to improve and develop the site over time, they make ongoing updates and optimizations, thus delaying the need for another redesign.

The Future

Wire Media continues to provide support as needed for ongoing design needs.