Sabin Vaccine Institute

Vaccines save lives. This report helps Sabin demonstrate the impact of their work.

Computer monitor shows the Sabin 2019 Impact Report home page wiht title

We’ve received much more positive feedback from this year’s report than those of other years. The design is user-friendly and exceptionally navigable.

— Senior Communications Associate, Sabin Vaccine Institute

Sabin hired us for a second time to design their annual impact report. They wrote the copy, taking input and coaching from us on copywriting for the website. And our partner, 54 Degrees, handled the web development and testing. Our focus was on creating an optimal user experience.

We designed this report to have “layers” of content so that you can quickly skim through it all and get the general idea. Or you can dig deeper into several parts of the report to access more detailed information in the form of text, videos, and a timeline.

We also created a PDF version of the report that matched the digital design.

We provided flexibility on scheduling to accommodate their sometimes changing needs for that. And in the end managed to deliver our work ahead of schedule.

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