National Immigrant Justice Center

Making it easier for pro bono attorneys to defend immigrants and asylees

Heartland Alliance’s National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC) is dedicated to ensuring human rights protections and access to justice for all immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Their website is a resource for immigrants, asylum seekers, and the pro bono attorneys who take their cases.


  • Website
  • Attorneys custom section
  • Monthly reporting / ongoing optimization
  • User testing

The Story

Our History

NIJC has worked with Wire Media since 2014 to redesign their website, keep it up-to-date and functioning well, and to make modifications as needed.

The Challenge

NIJC decided they should provide an improved method for attorneys to find information relevant to their cases. So they decided to upgrade the “attorney resources” section of their website. There was a good amount of input from staff about the problems faced by the attorneys in trying to find content on the current site, as well as many ideas about what changes to make to improve it. They also hoped to reduce staff time spent answering questions from attorneys. 

NIJC had the vision for an improved system, but wasn’t sure how to best design it, or how to prioritize all of the competing ideas. They wanted to make sure that they delivered something that was truly useful to the pro bono attorneys, and that would also free up staff time.

Wire Media brought in partner firm Capellic, a Drupal development shop, to handle the backend web development for the attorney resources content.

“They're communicative and honest. We've had no surprises, and they're very good at setting the parameters.”

— Tara Tidwell Cullen, Director of Communications

The Way Forward

After participating in Wire Media’s discovery and strategic planning process, the NIJC team were clear on several key things:

  • Who the website should be talking to
  • What their own communications priorities were for the site
  • What sort of content and features would best serve their audience

By the end of the planning process, they had a clear plan for how to deliver complex resources in an easy-to-find, structured way. Informed by user research with some of the attorneys who would be using the site, and input from staff, the project focused on user experience design. We wanted to make sure everything was intuitive, and made sense to the people who would be using it.

The End Results

  • Process led to buy-in: Staff felt confident in bringing the plan to management for final approval because the process ensured they made the right decisions.
  • Easy to use: Attorneys can find information quickly, and bookmark documents they use frequently — making NIJC an even more trusted resource.
  • Time savings for staff: Eliminating duplicate content on the site reduced time needed for NIJC staff to maintain it, also makes the site easier to navigate.

The Future

NIJC continues to rely on Wire Media to provide technical and strategic support for the website. Using Google Tag Manager, we track key metrics and goals, and make monthly updates designed to deliver ever-improving results.