When it comes to discussing funds for marketing, organizations often choose to spread the work among their members instead of hiring professionals in order to save money. However, by taking these shortcuts, nonprofits often end up spending more in the long run, and are disappointed to find their efforts unsuccessful. Although it may seem they are spending more upfront, these organizations are surprised to find hiring a web design firm actually helps them cut costs in the long run.

Here are a few ways your nonprofit can cut costs by hiring a web design agency:

Leave it to the experts.

When you hire a web design agency, you’re hiring a team of experts who will dedicate ample time and resources to learn about you and your organization. By trying to create a website internally, nonprofits run the risk of having an unprofessional, second-rate website that may not effectively communicate their message or drive donations. When hiring a team of professionals, you are ensuring your website will be ahead of the curve and set-up to best achieve your goals.

A web design agency will also have a better understanding of the latest trends and tools to optimize your site. According to Search Engine Journal, 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. When SEO best practices are properly implemented from the web design stage, there is only an opportunity to move up in search rankings. As search rankings are so valuable in establishing a web presence, your nonprofit will also be saving on additional advertising and marketing costs by having a properly optimized website.

Don’t waste your time.

Time is money. There are many different websites that make it seem easy for organizations to build their own website. Although there are some user-friendly options, typically the job falls upon volunteers or organization members who already have a tight schedule. Before you know it, months have passed and the seemingly easy task continues to be put on the back burner. By hiring a web design agency you are ensuring your website is up and running on schedule

Another thing organizations must consider is content creation. Content creation is a critically important component of the web design process and is often time consuming. When leaving it to the professionals you’re not only ensuring your message will be communicated effectively but are keeping your team’s efforts where they are better spent.

Access the latest technology.

New, cutting edge web tools are constantly being released to help web designers better do their job and give you a better product. In many cases, these tools are costly and can add a lot to your budget. By working with a web design agency, you will often have access to the tools they are already using. For example, design agencies may use analytics tools to measure keyword performance, A/B test specific elements on your site, and track your audience’s behavior. As a result, you will have a website that is working toward your marketing goals.

Ensure Reliability.

Building a site on your own comes with many risks. Unexpected roadblocks, limited template functionality and site crashes are just a few of the risks that come with building your own website. Not only can this leave you with a mess on your hands, but you are now left having to hire someone, possibly costing you more than if you just hired a web design agency in the first place. By cutting corners on your website efforts, you’re running the risk of having unpredicted budget costs and a bigger headache down the road. Many web design agencies will include a support period in their contracts long after your site has launched. By hiring a web design agency, you are making an investment and paying for a quality product that will last.

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