The Big Goal

On June 2nd, National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC) held their 21st Annual Human Rights Awards to “honor human rights champions and celebrate the contributions of business, civic, and community leaders”, but unlike pre-pandemic years, this was their first time ever virtually presenting the awards to a global audience. NIJC also used their awards event to raise money that will go towards helping immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers get access to legal-services and programs.

NIJC set a large goal of $100,000, and with less than a week from their virtual event, they asked Wire Media to create a progress bar to visualize the amount of money that they raise. With the help of our Drupal partners, Capellic, our team was able to design, develop, test, and add the progress bar to their awards page in time for their event.

The Importance of the Progress Bar

Having a progress bar prominent on NIJC’s Human Rights Awards page played an important factor in keeping their viewers excited and motivated to reach the overall goal. According to a research paper written by two professors, this kind of engagement can be labeled as the Endowed Progress Effect — the idea that if you provide some visual context of advancement towards a specific goal, a person will be more motivated to complete the goal. In fact, because of the progress bar, NIJC was able to exceed their goal by over $2,000.

Congratulations to NIJC on their first-ever virtual awards event and for exceeding their fundraising goal of $100,000 to get immigrants the help and resources they need!

Do you have a fundraising event coming up and are interested in showing a progress bar? We can help you with that!