Wire Media founder and CEO, Marcy Rye, has been featured in the Los Angeles Times.

Earlier this year, the LA Times wrote a story about highway consultants charging drivers as much as $185 an hour to browse the web and read emails on their phones as they sit in traffic on Interstate 5 in South Orange County. The money charged was planned to be used towards building an extension of Highway 241 toll road to ease traffic, but many OC residents remained skeptical about the extension. The toll road agency turned to many PR and marketing consultants in California to create multi-million dollar outreach campaigns, hoping to win the public’s support, but resulted in the public questioning and criticizing how the agency was actually using the money.

LA Times staff writer and investigative reporter, Adam Elmahrek, has reached out to several firm executives for comment on this situation, including our own, Marcy Rye, arguing that these consultants who worked with the tollway authority on the campaigns were overpaid for basic, straightforward work.

“Marcy Rye, founder of the Marina del Rey website design company Wire Media, said she reviewed the content on the two websites and their social media. She said it was all ‘simple stuff.’

The price ‘seems quite excessive to me,’ Rye said.”

About Wire Media

Wire Media is an award-winning firm that specializes in UX Design, Web Design, and Content Strategy. Founded in 2012 and located in Marina Del Rey, California, we have served many non-profits and institutions from across the country. Our work entails creating visual storytelling and appealing user interfaces to enhance business for our clients, including Women’s World Banking, Box, Inc. and Stanford University. Wire Media has been on the path to success and nationwide recognition for seven years and counting.

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