California, and many parts of the United States, are in an extreme drought. Some cities are handling water use well*: California's water supply is 20% greater than it was during the drought in the 70's. LADWP issued a postcard requiring residents to only water the lawn 3 days a week, and only for 8 minutes, and only mornings or evenings. However, it's clear that many of my neighbors did not get this postcard or are simply ignoring it. The fact is, despite water restrictions, some cities in the driest parts of California are already running out of water*.

Color is everywhere: fashion, advertising, food packaging, cars, décor, sports team colors, just to name a few. Understanding people’s perceptions of it is complex, confusing, and quite challenging for the marketer. There are many possible variations and reasons why people see color differently that include culture, gender, the ambient lighting, and other factors.

In a sailboat race, partnership is critical to optimize the performance of the boat. Each person contributes a specific set of knowledge and skill, and working together they can reach top speed. When working with a design firm, the type of relationship you have with them is possibly the key factor in the liklihood of getting great design work. There are three types of relationships I’ve noticed over the years that I’ll name “boss/worker”, “friends”, and “partners”. You can probably guess which one I recommend!

This is a call for change. Let’s ditch the outdated, clunky method of website design as a one-off project, employed by most organizations in somewhat of a vacuum apart from its other efforts. Let's talk about how to do web design well. Your website is a primary source of information and solutions for all your audiences (internal and external). It serves multiple purposes to multiple audiences. It is a messy intersection of changing needs and goals for content, design, technology, and user experience. As such, it needs regular and frequent love and attention.