WordPress Developer

Wordpress Developer


You should have solid front- and back-end WordPress development experience and not be reliant on page builders — we create custom themes. You’ll work closely with the user experience designer to maintain and improve accessible, high quality, built-to-last WordPress websites for nonprofit clients working to make people’s lives better and the world a better place. Responsibilities may include custom theme or custom plugin development, one-off front-end code development, third-party software integrations, HTML email templates, and more. This is currently a part-time position handling the needs of our monthly support plans for several clients. 


Hourly rate: $55-75/hour, part-time to start

Benefits: Education budget, and flexible scheduling.

Location: Virtual office. U.S. time zones preferred.

Accrued paid time off and sick leave

Flexible work schedule: we work with you if you need to move your schedule around for family, emergencies, or just want to take a special 4-day weekend trip.

The opportunity to shape your role to your interests, and to take on significant responsibility that you likely won’t get at a larger firm.

Training and education opportunities, as we believe strongly in the importance of continued learning.

A job with meaning. Work for clients who are making the world a better place by championing climate justice, providing support and resources for immigrants, or providing leadership skills and training (for example).

Core Responsibilities

Learn the way we do things and working with the direction of our Lead Developer and Lead Creative, be responsible for maintaining and improving client websites. You will provide proactive feedback on wireframes and designs, to help ensure a smooth build process, to help us create designs that are more efficient to build, and to help keep projects in budget. Your knowledge of WordPress native abilities and useful (and vetted and supported) plug-ins will help shape the website design, as will your ability to think outside of the box and find creative ways to implement interesting or complex features. Finally, you’ll be responsible for delivering high quality code that meets web accessibility standards.


  1. Developer on web design projects and assigned tasks for  monthly support plans
  2. Collaborate with and provide technical guidance to team members and clients
  3. Review technical specifications, wireframes, and requirements with to ensure a thorough and complete understanding of assigned projects and tasks
  4. Create custom-coded websites built on open-source tools (WordPress and others) including ‘front-end’ code and back-end functionality as specified by the project
  5. Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs
  6. Manage updates, changes, and feature additions to existing projects
  7. Regularly consult with project lead on code deliverables to ensure work meets project requirements before sharing with the client
  8. Conduct quality assurance and testing on project deliverables
  9. Assist with technical solutions discovery on projects
  10. Train clients and/or internal team on how to manage and maintain all built functionality
  11. Manage and coordinate tasks and communicate with clients as necessary

Nice-to-Have (not required)

  1. A design sensibility
  2. Experience coding animated content (more visual effects than full-on animation)

Qualifications & Skills

  • 3-5+ years WordPress frontend and backend web development experience, including experience creating custom themes or plugins, and a willingness to explain code you wrote yourself, and why you did it that way
  • 3-5+ years of PHP-based programming experience
  • Experience creating front-end HTML5, CSS, and Javascript code with working examples
  • Strong understanding of the entire website design and development process, including working knowledge of: git or other versioning systems, configuring services such as web-hosting and dns systems, mobile responsive design, accessibility standards, and privacy/security standards
  • Problem-solving, can do attitude
  • Proactive communication about project status, if problems arise, if there’s scheduling challenges, etc
  • Strong attention to detail

How to Apply

Please send your resume with a statement about why you want to work for us, and how you think your employment with Wire Media could make us a better company. Feel free to reveal your particular sense of humor!