Website Designer

Website Designer

Position is currently filled.


The Web Designer has solid experience creating the visual design or look and feel for various types of websites. They should be well versed in design systems and designing on a grid system, know when to break the grid, understand the value of whitespace, and be able to create hierarchy and visual flow in the design. We seek someone with a strong design aesthetic and the flexibility to create high quality work within more or less any set of brand guidelines so that our clients receive designs that match their brand. 

Please be a team player, with excellent communication skills both written and verbal. We also hope people will truly enjoy their job and love what they do.


Hourly rate: $40-50/hour, project basis to start

Benefits: Education budget, and flexible scheduling.

Location: Virtual office. U.S. time zones preferred.

Accrued paid time off and sick leave

Flexible work schedule: we work with you if you need to move your schedule around for family, emergencies, or just want to take a special 4-day weekend trip.

The opportunity to shape your role to your interests, and to take on significant responsibility that you likely won’t get at a larger firm.

Training and education opportunities, as we believe strongly in the importance of continued learning.

A job with meaning. Work for clients who are making the world a better place by championing climate justice, providing support and resources for immigrants, or providing leadership skills and training (for example).

Core Responsibilities

Working from provided specifications and wireframes or other direction, create frontend web design comps in Sketch. If you are used to primarily designing within the context of a theme someone else built, this job is probably not a match.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities (per project)

  1. Communicate regularly and as scheduled with the project team
  2. Create full custom designs using a design system, with a basic understanding of the underlying frontend code
  3. Conduct internal presentations and attend internal critiques/reviews
  4. Present designs to clients
  5. Provide final design comp files for coding
  6. Create templates for client-production of assets like team headshots, blog post images, etc
  7. Reviewing your work once coded (by the dev team) to check for errors
  8. Conduct research for photos, icons etc.

Nice-to-Have (not required)

  1. Ability to write HTML and CSS ←- BIG BIG PLUS
  2. Ability to design infographics and data visualizations
  3. Ability to design motion graphics (simple ones, nothing crazy)

Qualifications & Skills

You should have at least three solid years experience in designing web pages for a range of websites (nonprofits, universities, and small businesses ideal but not mandatory). You should be well versed in using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch. InVIsionApp would also be good to have so we can create clickable designs. You need to know how to design for different breakpoints for mobile responsive designs.

Some understanding of website accessibility as it pertains to design is needed as well. Accessibility is core to our UX practice.

You should be familiar with either Drupal or WordPress. We build sites on both but the goal is for you to have a general understanding of how CMSes work and some of the issues that can come up in designing for a site running on a CMS.

How to Apply

Please send your resume with a statement about why you want to work for us, and how you think your employment with Wire Media could make us a better company. Feel free to reveal your particular sense of humor!