Account Manager

Account Manager

About Wire Media

Wire Media is a user experience design firm where hearts meet smarts! We have expertise in web accessibility and visual storytelling, and we work hard every day to constantly improve the value of our clients’ websites. We seek people with experience in doing and/or managing web design and development, and the attention to detail needed to track many small tasks in an organized way.

Our Dream

The ideal person will geek out over systems and processes and always be striving to make ours more efficient and effective. They will wow our clients with their proactive mode of making sure the client always knows what’s going on and when to expect things. They will amaze us with their uncanny ability to help clients understand how things work so that they can prioritize smartly. And they will be chill, and silly, and super smart. They will never, ever drop the ball. (We do know people are human … this is our ideal dream!)

Core Responsibilities

The Account Manager is responsible for our monthly support plans for our clients’ websites (mostly on WordPress). The person in this role handles incoming requests from clients, manages client expectations, coordinates with our team for estimates, and schedules tasks. This is a client-facing role and requires excellent communication skills both written and verbal.

This is currently a part-time job of about 25 hours per week.

  • Enabling the continual improvement of client websites.
  • Providing stellar customer service.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

  1. Manage and respond to client requests in a timely manner
  2. Keep track of many small details of multiple tasks for multiple clients
  3. Obtain estimates from our team for tasks
  4. Obtain input from our team on recommended tasks
  5. Produce monthly report for clients, compiling data from Google Analytics and recommendations from our team

Qualifications & Skills

You should have experience in client-facing roles where customer service was a priority. You should be proactive and transparent in communications with clients — never leave them wondering what’s going on.

Experience editing content in WordPress and using ticketing systems such as Freshdesk and Jira. Enough understanding of the web design process to understand how a client request may affect the website, why it might be difficult to implement, and how to explain that sort of thing to the client in a way they can understand.

Experience with WordPress web development – either frontend or backend. Ideally NOT using page builders.


  1. Understanding of website accessibility. Accessibility is core to our UX design practice.
  2. Experience setting up Google Analytics goals.

How to Apply

Please send your resume with a statement about why you want to work for us, and how you think your employment with Wire Media could make us a better company. Feel free to reveal your particular sense of humor!