Calling all nonprofit professionals and advocates –  we know you know that engaging supporters and leveraging storytelling are the keys to your organization’s success. But, let’s dive into the art of writing effective copy for cause-based websites like yours. Let’s talk about how to win the hearts and minds of your audience while adding a touch of humor to keep them coming back for more.

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Know Your Audience

Writing effective copy starts with knowing your audience like the back of your hand. You want to learn about their desires, fears, and motivations. Are they animal lovers or climate change activists? Tailor your language and tone accordingly. The goal is to build a connection that makes them say, “This organization gets me!”

Begin with a Bang

Just like a great joke, your opening line needs to hook your audience instantly. Don’t be afraid to be witty and bold. Like a perfectly crafted elevator pitch, you only have seconds to capture their attention and pique their interest in the work you do (and why you do it). A powerful opening line sets the stage for an engaging copy that follows.


Stories are the secret sauce of successful nonprofit websites. We all love a good story. It’s what makes us human. Share narratives of people whose lives have been touched by your organization’s work. Unleash the power of emotions: make your readers cry, laugh, and cheer! But remember to handle the stories of those you’ve served with care. 


KISS: Keep It Short & Simple. People are busy, and attention spans are shorter than ever. Avoid jargon and complexity. Understand who your primary audience member is and write for  them. Communicate your message concisely, and your supporters will appreciate you for it.

Make ‘Em Act Now!

You’ve grabbed their attention with your cause, humor, and storytelling, but what’s next? The call-to-action (CTA) is where the magic happens. Be clear and specific about what you want your readers to do. Make it so enticing they can’t resist. “Donate now and help us save the world! P.S. We promise it’ll make you feel like a superhero.” Ultimately, you don’t want the reader ready to act with nothing to do. If possible, find a couple of different levels of engagement: donate vs. volunteer vs. retweet about your big campaign. It all matters.

Show, Don’t Just Tell

As much as we love writing, a picture is worth a thousand words (or a few hundred, at least). Use captivating visuals that complement your copy. Show the impact of your work through images and videos that tug at the heartstrings. Just make sure you don’t overwhelm your audience with stock photos that dull the impact of your message.

Get Your Quirk On

Humor can be a potent tool to make your cause-based website stand out. Inject some personality into your copy. Show that your organization is made up of real, relatable humans. Tell jokes, use puns, and add a sprinkle of pop culture references. Remember, you’re not writing a doctoral thesis!

Be Transparent and Honest

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, including the one you have with your supporters. Be transparent and honest about your org’s goals, achievements, and challenges. Embrace your flaws with humor. It makes you more endearing. “Sure, we mess up sometimes, but hey, we’re only human!”

Let Others Do the Talking

Your supporters’ words are powerful tools in your copywriting arsenal. Incorporate authentic testimonials to demonstrate the real impact of your organization’s work. Let others do the talking for you. Think of it as having your close friend rave about how awesome you are – way more convincing.

Final Word

You may not be a master yet, but you’re one step closer to churning out compelling copy consistently. By knowing your audience, using storytelling, and injecting humor, you can engage your audience like never before. Remember, writing effective copy is like being a charming host at a party – make your supporters feel at home, have a great time, and they’ll be eager to join your cause and support your mission. Time to conquer the world with your persuasive, humorous, and heartfelt copywriting skills!


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