Hard to believe, but end of year giving is already underway for many of you. While you may be stewarding donors and fundraising throughout the year, we know this is one of the busiest times for giving. Want to feel confident about sending a prospective donor to your site? Here are a few tips.


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Keyword optimization

You or your IT guru can do this by seeing where similiar groups rank on search engines. You can also use tools like SEMrush, Google Analytics, or the free Firefox and Chrome add-on Keywords Everywhere to find the most often-searched keywords.

Make it easy for donors to give

Too many nonprofit websites make it hard for a potential donor to give. They’ll have a header called “Get Involved” or the like which buries the “Donate” function. Make sure you have a home page header that goes directly to your donate page. And be sure your entire site is optimized for mobile.

Use storytelling

One of the best examples we’ve seen was from a homeless advocacy organization. They told the story of a young man—now in college—who became homeless when he was 8. Today, he’s thriving, thanks to his mother’s persistence and the hand-up the family received from the nonprofit’s supportive housing. Think about how weave in stories about the power of your work on the website or in your year end impact report.

Use compelling graphics, infographics, and photographs

Visuals go a long way to tell both your organization’s story and your client’s stories.

Be transparent about your financials

Donors want to make sure their investments in your organization are being used properly. Don’t fudge the numbers. Explain any bumps in the road—plenty of nonprofits have struggled since 2020, so don’t be afraid to admit it. If you’ve maintained your financial equilibrium, celebrate it.

Feeling Ready…

…you are! You do great work year-round. You have built an audience who cares about the work you do. You have prepared your pitches for donors. Your spruced up website is the cherry on top!

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