Women’s World Banking

Data Design, Impact Report, Visual Storytelling, Website
About This Project

  • Women’s World Banking hired us to create a digital annual report
    with an improved user experience and more engagement in the user
    experience than the previous report (by another vendor).
  • We first focused on content strategy, developing a story structure for
    content that is minimal yet provides key information in a scannable
    format with opportunities to expand some areas to learn more.
    Visually we were tasked with using existing brand materials but asked
    to do so with a fresh approach as the organization is in a branding
  • In addition to content strategy, design, and development, we also
    provided robust Google Analytics that show how visitors interact with
    this report.
  • We were subsequently re-engaged to create an exhibit booth display
    that included print materials and a video, for a conference in Tanzania.